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500 Roses, 5 Circles, 5 Weeks 

Installation at the University Of Miami, 2000.

Video recording of the process

Limited edition prints, 19"x13"

Five circles created with five hundred red roses in a natural earth depression. The roses were arranged differently in each circle. The five circles had the same dimensions. This installation was left for a period of five weeks until the roses deteriorated completely and they became part of the earth. The viewer/participant would walk around the small paths in between circles or sit  on the rocks and admire the color contrast of the roses against the brown terrain.


It is an exploration into the cycles of life, passage of time, decay and impermanence. A video was created documenting the rose’s decay. 500 Roses, 5 circles, 5 weeks book with the photographic documentation of this project. ISBN 9781367903067​

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